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You want to get more visitors to your website by getting a higher rank in Google Search results. This is possible only through good search engine optimization (SEO) and we are here to help you with this. From a good analysis, we design a step by step process to rank a website at a higher position in search engine results.

Our experienced SEO specialists can help with the following activities:

  • Writing SEO content
  • Link Building
  • Website audits
  • Keyword research
  • Improve local visibility
  • Organizing structured data
  • Monitoring Results

Our Commitments

We ensure that your website is optimized on all fronts and gets a higher rank in real-time Google Search results. We keep an eye on the development every week and you will receive a reports every month. In these reports, you can see exactly what is the improvement in ranking of the keywords we have optimized.

We have many clients who have improved their Search Engine Results (SERP) Page ranking because of our help. Our SEO method has proven successful with both start-ups and large corporates.

Due to our search engine optimization, SEO Copywriting and link building, the pages of our customers are higher in search engines such as Google and Bing. Better visibility in the organic search results of search engines yields more relevant visitors and generate new leads and customers.

Monthly SEO Reports

Search engine optimization important because it keeps an eye on important keywords and keeps getting closer to the top 5 of Google. All our customers receive a report at least once a month with the improvements in ranking of the keywords that are of beneficial for their business.

SEO Services with Monthly Reports:

  • New content on your website every month
  • Increase in the number of external referrals
  • Online growth
  • Can be cancelled anytime

What is Search Engine Optimization:

Search engine optimization (SEO)
In simple terms, search engine optimization is a collection of techniques that makes a website easier to find on search engines like Google and Bing. 
We have done the search engine optimization for many different customers and often see that customers have exploded with their visitors after we started working on their website.
Therefore, we focus on all relevant optimization techniques. Techniques that ensure you not only get traffic but also attract people who are actually interested in your service or product.
See below an overview of the SEO activities that we perform for various customers to get their website higher in search engines.
SEO Content and Copywriting
An important part of search engine optimization is writing good content that is optimized for search engines. Because of our experience, we know which factors are important for good SEO Content. And we have a team of experienced content writers who know what type of content will attract the customer.
SEO analysis of a website
By performing an analysis, we get an insight into the current findability and status of your website. We also get an idea that what we should do for further optimizing the website.
In this SEO analysis, we include the following points:
•        check website technical details
•        Analysis of all pages (including URL structure, crawled by Google)
•        Meta-Analysis (duplicate titles, missing meta descriptions)
•        Content analysis (H1 usage, double content, number of words)
•        Link analysis
•        Image analysis
•        Technical optimization (desktop and mobile) 
Keywords research
People often Google to find a company or product, using certain search terms. With extensive keyword research, we analyse the search behaviour of people and also see how tough the competition is for a specific search term. The results of the keyword research are the basis and they help to write the SEO content for the right search keywords.
Link building
External references are links from another website to yours. The number of good references is an important factor in getting higher in search engines. Our Link Building experts work on the number of external referrals. For this, we use various techniques that have proven to be successful.