Advertising on linkedin

LnkedIn is slightly different from other social media platforms. LinkedIn is a social media platform where professionals can share their thoughts. You can also see this in the information that appears in the LinkedIn feed, for example, you can see in your feed when someone has a new job or you get an update of work-related information such as new development or publication. As a result, the platform also offers other opportunities than with Facebook or Instagram – which makes the application extra beneficial and worthy.

An interesting thing about advertising on LinkedIn is that you can perfectly target ads to people who will be the best fit for your business. For example, reach them with an advertisement about:

·        Business related services.

·        Useful white papers

·        New Projects and assignment

 ·        Business Lead Generation


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Revenue Focused Digital Marketing Services:

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What advertising options are available on LinkedIn:


It is possible to target ads based on different business data. For example, think of:
• Branches
• Industry
• Company size
But you can also target advertisements to specific people who have certain characteristics, such as position, the field of study, different skills, number of years of experience, seniority, or age.
Build a target audience based on LinkedIn groups that people are members of. For example, an ad can be well targeted at anyone who is a member of an Executive group in the Financial industry. So, you know that they are interested in this and keep an eye on developments.

Audience matching

Are you already familiar with ‘Audience matching’?

The three variants are:

1. Website retargeting: This will promote your content to people who have recently visited your website. It can also promote specific pages, which are perhaps even more interesting and effective.

2. Account targeting: Choose which companies you want to reach by uploading a list. That list should contain company names with their corresponding company page. This will target the employees of these companies.

3. Contact targeting: You can also upload email addresses from another database so that you can target them via LinkedIn. The data must of course be obtained correctly. Are you unsure about this? No worries, you can always ask us if you are doing it correctly.

Types of advertisements:

Within LinkedIn, there are two options: text ads and sponsored content. Text ads are smaller and are less noticeable than sponsored content. They contain an image and are located in the sidebar on the right or at the very top of the app. With sponsored content, you can promote existing content, but also create more specific advertisements. The ad always appears in the timeline. People then read the ad faster and better, because it looks less like an ad. This is exactly what you want right? Advertising on LinkedIn has three main goals:

  1. Generate traffic to your website;
  2. Generate leads;
  3. Increase video views.


How much LinkedIn advertising costs?

Although advertising on LinkedIn is slightly more expensive than advertising on Facebook, in the end, it is not just about the cost per click but what Return on Investment(ROI) you get out from it. LinkedIn offers you a choice of specific targeting options, which means that it is also possible that the costs for a lead or conversion will ultimately be lower because they are more specific and convert more.

It is important to research well on which platform you score well and then use this platform optimally within your budget. Don’t be afraid to test new things and be positively surprised.

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