Advertising on Instagram

You want to reach and inspire a target group of the young generation. You also want more traffic and conversions. Do you know that this all can be done through smart advertising on Instagram? The app has about 600 million users worldwide and offers many possibilities, so why not use it?
Advertising on Instagram has a number of important advantages:
• Very targeted advertising through extensive targeting options;
• Relatively cheap from other options;
• More visitors, leads, and conversions;
• Increase your brand awareness among different target groups;
• Create more interaction with your target audience.
We have many customers for whom we run successful Instagram and social media campaigns. Every day we optimize these campaigns and therefore have a lot of experience and know what are we are doing. Do you also want to make your brand stand out on Instagram? Then do not hesitate to contact us. We look at your situation and explain what we can do for you and how we will make your brand stand out.

Revenue Focused Digital Marketing Services:

• A complete marketing service or a single service.
• A dashboard with results every month.
• Monthly payment option.
• Online growth promised.


What advertising options are available on Instagram?

Basically advertising on Instagram works in the same way as advertising on Facebook. The owner of Instagram and Facebook are the same – which is why you can target the group in the same way. So, you can select your desired target audience very extensively and specifically. 


Instagram is particularly popular among the young generation. For example, as a car salesman, you can focus on the Audi next age group 18 to 25 years who likes photos of other car accounts. You can even indicate that they live within a radius of 15 kilometers around Amsterdam. It is also possible to show your ads at specific times, such as at 5:00 PM. Your target audience might just be scrolling home on the bus or train on Instagram. So, the perfect time to target them. The possibilities are really enormous.
On Instagram, you have much more interaction with your target audience than compared to other channels. This is because users can respond quickly because the threshold is lower. Speed and interaction are super important, especially in the times when generations Y and Z dominate the market. 

Instagram Stories

Advertising on Instagram is nothing new in itself, but advertising on Instagram Stories is becoming increasingly popular. Instagram Stories are vertical, full-screen updates that appear at the top of the user’s screen between other accounts that the user follows. A story can consist of video content, but also a still image with moving text or a GIF. A story lasts fifteen seconds. It is therefore essential that you get the user’s attention within those fifteen seconds. If you don’t know how to bring the best out of it? We are here to help you stand out among the competitors.


An Instagram Story is a great tool to create interaction with your target audience. Instagram has many possibilities for interaction in Stories. For example, you can add fun or funny GIFs, but interaction goes beyond moving pictures. You can post hashtags, show your location, or show what music you are listening to and actually it is while viewing the story.
But in our opinion, the best options regarding interaction are:
• Poll, in which followers can choose between two options;
• Questions, where followers can submit a question about a pre-selected topic
• Countdown, setting a timer to a specific event – can’t you wait too?
• Quiz, where you ask a question and followers have to choose the right answer;
• Rating, in which followers can indicate to how much they like the new collection.

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