Finding Target audience? Do not do by yourself!

finding target audience
The right target audience is extremely important to achieve online growth while running paid ads. But don’t start making personas on paper right away or come up with fictitious customers together with your colleagues. You cannot find the right target audience by yourself. You should better let Google, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube determine your target audience. Below I am explaining the difference between researching your own target audience and finding them by the data provided by Google and Facebook.

1. Searching for the right target audience yourself

If you have ever studied a marketing course, then you are definitely trained to create personas for your campaign. However, offline marketing channels such as radio, TV and print form are the basis of this method of determining the target audience. By analyzing your customer base, you get an overview of the most common customer profiles, you want to target.
For Example, think of:
Men between 25-35
Love football, tech, and festivals
Living in the Delhi
Usually in a rental home
To create these profiles, you can use data from your own database and expand it with data from any other site with their permission.
The disadvantage of this way of determining the target audience is that you quickly start thinking in “box” and start believing that only those profiles can become your prospective customers.
However, it is not true, because men aged 35+ or women aged 25-35 can also simply be interested in your products. It is worse not to target your campaigns to all interested parties, while this is possible if you do not determine your target audience yourself. Let it go and let Google, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube determine your target audience. You can read below what they will differently find the right target audience.

2. Let Google, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube determine your target audience

More than 80% of the websites in the world have implemented a pixel from Google Analytics and Facebook. The Google Analytics pixel is used to gain insight into the behavior of visitors to a website.
The Facebook Pixel is usually used to measure conversions from Facebook and Instagram campaigns and to start remarketing campaigns. In this way, you probably use the data yourself. Google and Facebook, on the other hand, use the same data to determine the target audience.
With the pixel information on websites, Google and Facebook know which people are interested in certain information. In other words, they keep track of which websites you visit. If you visit many websites about Baby information, then that means you are interested in baby stuff.
If you visit many websites about New houses, you must be moving to a new house in the near future. Based on search behavior and website visits, Google and Facebook make a very good and targeted target audience. Google and Facebook provide more details than the personas you can make yourself.

If you want the best target audience, measure your conversions well

In the 5 steps for online growth, we already explained above that it is important to measure all conversions points on a website properly. This means that know exactly where new customers/leads come from and to be able to manage your online goals.
It is also great, if you measure the conversions on your website well, you eventually find and get access to the best target audience. I just explained that Google and Facebook know exactly which interest people are looking for your products.
With the correct settings of the conversions on a website, Google and Facebook also know exactly the profile of the people who ultimately make the purchase. And you also want to get many more of these visitors on your website. This is possible within the advertising platforms of Google Ads,  YouTube ads,   Facebook, and Instagram.

Need help? We will do all setup done for you

If you also want the best target audience for your digital marketing channels, it is important that all targeting is done in the right way.
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