Boost Sales with Display Advertising

Display Advertising is a way of online visual advertising. Display Advertising is often referred to as online banners, but now display advertising is really much more than using banners. Google Display advertisements and video expressions allow you to reach exactly your target group and surprise you with the right message at the right time for required conversion or sale.

We set up a Display Advertising campaign via Google network and help you achieve the following objectives:

  • Sell more products or services
  • Regular and permanent customers
  • Increase brand awareness and product awareness


Display Ads for more sales

You may have noticed that when you leave a certain website and see Display Ads with relevant products on other websites that you visit after that website. This technique of Display Advertising is called remarketing.

Remarketing aims to achieve more sales with a relevant advertising message for visitors of another website return to yours to complete the sale.

Regular customers with Display Advertising

You want recurring existing customers with good services or relevant videos, and you want them to  buy a product again from your store. With good targeting and Display Advertising settings, you can show existing customers a positive message.

Increase Brand Awareness and Product Awareness

Do you want more awareness of your brand or increase the awareness of your products? Then Display Advertising is a means that you can use well. Display advertisements can be placed on the largest websites in your country. If it is an international campaign, foreign websites are also an option.
The nice thing about display ads is that you can test in real-time what kind of ad works best. By testing and optimizing it is possible to adjust well during a campaign and improve the results.