Successful online marketing strategy


As a Digital Marketing Agency, We are lucky to work with many great clients. Although every client is unique, and we work with both startups and corporates, we see that an online marketing strategy consisting of 5 steps ensures real online growth over time again and again. These Five Steps for online growth are, therefore, the basis of the cooperation between our customers and Zero One Infinity Makers.

5 Steps of digital marketing strategy ZERONEINFINITY

Grow your Business Online in 5 Steps

A good online marketing strategy gives your business good head starts to reach a wide range of customers. You should have a steady target that never goes anywhere, whether you have a new online start-up or a long-term business looking for an increasing number of responses.
We work on the following 5 steps to ensure our client’s growth online.

Step 1: Determine Goals

You need to set goals if you want to succeed. Concentration and direction is lost  without objectives. Growth starts with a simple vision and associated objectives. Online development cannot function without achievable goals. If there is a predetermined goal then it becomes really easy to achieve it.

set goals
Step 2 optimize

Step 2: Optimization of your website or New Website

After determining the goal then it is time for a critical look at your website. Is the proposition clearly stated on the website? Is the website reliable enough for the visitor to choose you? Based on visitor analysis, we determine whether the current website needs some optimization or a new website is needed .

Step 3: Measuring and Analysis

Measuring all possible conversion points on a website is an important step. This is because online marketing channels such as social media marketing, Google Ads and Display Advertising, only works if the algorithms are filled with the right data. It is important to measure the conversion points properly, but it is also important to make a link between different online tools. If these tools work well together, you can grow faster online.

step 4 target audience

Step 4: Right Target Audience

Based on data and market analysis, we identify the right target groups to set up the online marketing campaigns . After the start of the campaigns, the target groups can be further fine-tuned. We always do this on the basis of data. In addition, new campaigns always follow the already existing campaigns.

Step 5: Different Marketing Channels

We look at the options of online marketing channels which are best suited to reach these target groups with the right message. We take into account the phase of the customer journey. We reach potential customers based on their orientation behaviour on the internet. If someone has already visited your website, we can recognize them and follow them up with different marketing channels. Depending on the phase in the customer journey, we adjust the message in the online marketing channels .

choose right channel
5 Steps of digital marketing strategy

 And now we continue….

If we follow these 5 steps, We have a good online marketing strategy for online growth. Based on the insights on the website and within the online marketing channels, we are now working on further enhancement. The website mainly focused on improve conversion, testing new communication tools within the online marketing channels and following up with new target groups among the target groups.